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We’re here to help you and your investors navigate through market volatility and focus on the long term. Our company offers access to the most exciting asset class; curating connections between highly experienced individuals ready to invest, and people at the forefront of innovation. Here you will find cross-border investment opportunities, seamless deal syndication, investment processing and the legalities are taken care of. We are a leading global investment solutions partner, dedicated to improving people's financial security.

UNB Secure strongly believes in an open and trustworthy partnership together with its investors, portfolio companies, and its team in order to maximize the long-term upside for its stakeholders. The Company works closely with all parties involved. This strong collaboration results in very successful investments reflected in the strong growth track record of its portfolio companies. Our wealth grows through the long-term equity ownership of several great businesses. It is a privilege to be the guardian of the capital entrusted.

We genuinely believe in the value of teamwork. Different backgrounds, different experiences, and different skills, but a set of common values: straightforwardness, reliability, and fairness. We trade investors funds on various liquid assets, we know exactly what is needed to trade the world's financial market profitably.

We keep innovating.

We keep innovating to retain our impact on companies as well as on our investors.

Continuous development, guided primarily by the systematic improvement of investment conditions, is the key to long-term success. We run an extremely customer-centric business; therefore, improving the quality of our services is our top priority. Honesty and transparency are two of the company's key governing principles and are highly valued by our clients. There are already tens of thousands of our investors around the world and this number is steadily growing.

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Investment Plans

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 125%After 1 day.

  • Minimum : $10
  • Maximum : $60000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • Payout : Every Calender Days.
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 195% After 3 Days

  • Minimum : $300
  • Maximum : $80000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • Payout : Every Calender Days.
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 345% After 5 Days

  • Minimum : $1000
  • Maximum : $120000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • Payout : Every Calender Days.

Why Invest With Us?

Client Driven Investment

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our team’s incentives are aligned to the performance of our funds and the individual shares we select. This ensures that our clients’ interests drive our investment decisions. We offer investors the option of monitoring their personal unit trust portfolios directly, 24/7.

Highly Experienced Management Team

UNB Secure is led by a highly experienced management team in the unit trust industry. Our unwavering principles, investment philosophy, and client relationships have helped us grow strong and the company is well-positioned to build the most professional unit trust force in the world.

Flexible Investment Plans

We make it easy for our investors to adjust their investment portfolio and switch between different investment models to suit your needs at every life stage. We continue to consistently outperform the majority of our peers in the industry. We make it easy to adjust your investment portfolio.