About UNB Secure

Multi-functional people working together as a team

Our team has a unique set of skills, expertise, and international network which are directly at the disposal of our investment companies. As a team, we can provide a huge accelerator to groundbreaking and unique investment platform. We have a lean and fit-for-purpose operating model: we add value where it makes a difference and leave room for the venture to flourish where possible.

We invest in attractive sectors where we - directly or through our investors, consultants, or extensive network - have sufficient experience to create value and support further growth. Above all, there must be a good personal fit with the entrepreneur or management team and a shared vision of the company’s future. We invest in small and medium-sized companies around the world since 2016. We are known for our broad and proven fixed income experience with credit portfolios ranging from investment grade to high yield and from green bonds to convertible bonds.

We are fast movers.

We provide solid financial backing and we act swiftly where speed is needed.

Great businesses need more than capital. They need momentum. If you truly want a business to reach new heights, flying solo is not an option. Therefore, we become partners of the companies we work with. Operating as a team to ensure the right strategy, structure, and support are in place to throttle up and get plans off the ground.

We invest across alternative asset classes

UNB Secure Invests in different sectors of world economy including telecommunications, Stock, Forex, Cryptocurrency, IT, retail, durable goods, innovative technologies. We always involve in providing growth capital and assisting in fundraising for operational and investment activities of portfolio companies. We understand business development as accurate and comprehensive use of technologies we have already developed by ourselves and tested in our business practice. Our knowledge, experience, and technologies serve as our guarantee.

We value each client and regardless of the time and effort spent, any task is fulfilled at its best. We are aiming at an individual approach to each Client which helps to ensure Client’s interests and reduce possible entrepreneurs’ risks. We are a devoted to our work, responsible and conscientious team. Each of the teams fully devotes themselves to what they do in order to react promptly and provide high-quality solutions to the problems pointed out by our Clients.

We believe that the combination of an investor, entrepreneur, and manager leads to the best results for all parties. As an investor, we want to get a good return and we must accurately anticipate both the threats and possibilities in the market and the business. As an entrepreneur, we have to take risks, seize opportunities, rely on our intuition, and sometimes take firm action to achieve our goals. As a manager, we get people moving, provide structure, develop lasting improvements, and we help keep or make employees proud of their company.